MaP Forward exists as a powerful resource to support those who want to realize more personal satisfaction and success for themselves as they make the world a better place. Our original intent was to focus exclusively on supporting millennial women. The need for alignment in our lives and the desire to realize our potential is a pursuit that stands true for both genders at any age.

The mission of this unique non profit developmental organization is to educate members with a scientifically objective proven process that deepens and enhances personal understanding. Knowledge is power, and our members are empowered with knowledge of their strengths. The process is reinforced through weekly video group coaching that encourages and guides members to realize their potential.

Even with impressive credentials and abilities, and more opportunities and possibilities than have been historically available it is not enough. We have to access and engage the best of ourselves if we want to feel good and achieve. It’s very practical, strategic, and satisfying.

Progress is delayed or denied when potential is not realized.

My vision is to build and encourage a network of millennial women and elevate the potential within this large, capable, driven and educated demographic. Doing so will significantly strengthen society as a whole


Sheeba Varghese

Executive Director

Having overcome her own life obstacles to success as a woman and as a woman of colour, Sheeba has been led to help other women, millennial women in particular, realize more for themselves. Sheeba uniquely equips them for above average personal and professional achievement (Personal Mastery). They discover the possibilities associated with their potential and create a plan of how to realize it.

Self Awareness + Focus + Strategy = Success

As founder of Forward Focus ™ Inc., Sheeba has worked for 15 years with those who want to realize the best within themselves. She is an accomplished Executive Coach having served some of Canada’s most powerful CEO’s. The proven achievement formula she developed is the focus of the book she authored, “Sheeba’s Secret”. Her second book, “Live On Your Terms” will be released later this year and is focused around millennial women.

She is host of her own Internet based TV show “More Focus.TV”. Sheeba has been nominated as amongst the Top 40 Under 40 in Canada, has served as a member of the Prime Minister of Canada’s Task Force on Women Entrepreneurs and been featured in national and regional media.

Sheeba has two young kids, Jared and Sage who like her are bilingual in French & English.